Creative Excellence Awards

Awarded by ERE, the premier online community for recruiters, with more than 95,000 unique visitors per month, the Creative Excellence Awards have been recognizing excellence in recruitment advertising for more than 30 years. Each year, recruitment advertising agencies and corporate recruiting departments from around the world enter their best creative advertising campaigns to be judged by marketing and human resource professionals.


TMP received 42 awards, including the Dansker Award, at ERE's Creative Excellence Awards 2014. 

TMP won the coveted Dansker Prize, the best-in-show award of the Creative Excellence Awards, for the fourth consecutive year. TMP captured this honor for its work with a leading data storage company, for which it developed a robust campaign designed to highlight the company's innovative, imaginative and empowering environment to attract new talent. 

TMP was also recognized with three grand prizes, representing top honors in the categories of Global Communications, College Communications, and Print Advertising and Promotions. In addition, the company received 15 first-place prizes in individual subcategories, including Corporate Employment Website, Mobile Marketing and Best Multimedia Campaign for Diversity, as well as 12 second-place prizes and 11 third-place prizes.


TMP was recognized with 45 awards, including the Dansker Award for the third year in a row, at ERE's Creative Excellence Awards 2013.

TMP garnered the Dansker Award for its work with a prominent U.S. government agency for comprehensive recruitment materials, including microsites and Aurasma banner stands, to enhance the organization's college recruiting efforts.

In addition, TMP was honored with four grand prizes, representing top honors in the categories of Interactive Media, College Communications, Employee/Internal Communications and Diversity. The company also received 15 first prize awards in individual subcategories, including Social Media Marketing, Multimedia Campaigns and Mobile Marketing, as well as 14 second-place prizes and 11 third-place prizes.


TMP received 43 awards including the prestigious Dansker Award at ERE's Creative Excellence Awards 2012. TMP won this year's Dansker Prize for the work it has done for The Boeing Company.

In addition to this top honor, the agency won two grand prizes: the grand prize in the Interactive Media category for The Boeing Company campaign, as well as the grand prize in College Communications for its work with Capital One.

TMP also won 17 first place awards, including a number in the Interactive Media categories. Among these first place awards, the agency won Best Video for the VA for Vets campaign, Best Booth for PwC's campus recruiting booth and Best Corporate Employment Website for The Boeing Company. Moreover, the agency was recognized for its outstanding global work in the Global Communications category for work developed by its offices in London, aia Worldwide, and its office in France, sweeping the Mobile Marketing section. TMP Government also had a strong showing, capturing nine awards.


TMP walked away with 53 awards – more than any other participating agency -- from the Creative Excellence Awards 2011. This includes the Creative Excellence Awards’ best-in-show prize and the recruitment advertising industry’s top honor, the prestigious Dansker Award, for our work with ESPN. Our wholly-owned London office, aia, was also recognized with five awards.

We swept the “Mobile Marketing,” “Social Media Marketing” and “Online” categories for successful campaigns and projects with P&G, Boeing, BNY Mellon and AT&T. We also garnered three Grand Prizes and18 First Place awards on behalf of clients including Verizon Communications, Procter & Gamble, America’s Veteran, U.S. Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center and IRS, among others. More specifically, we won in categories such as “Corporate Employment Website” for Verizon Communications, “Online” for Edward Jones, and “Best Multimedia Campaign for Diversity Recruitment” for IRS, reaffirming our reputation as the leading global recruitment advertising firm in the digital space.


TMP captured 50 awards and swept the Website category, and we walked away with more awards than any other agency. We won two grand prizes in the categories of Best Multimedia Campaigns for a General Audience and College Communications. We also earned 17 first place awards on behalf of clients such as ESPN, P&G, and Kaiser Permanente, and had a number of successes in the digital space, further solidifying our foothold in this arena. We also won 16 second place awards and 15 third place awards.


TMP took home the Dansker Award, given for the best in show. TMP also received  55 awards, including grand prizes for Print Promotions and Collateral, Best Campaign for a General Audience, and College Communications.


TMP took home 53 awards, including grand prizes for Print Promotions and Collateral, Newspaper Print Advertising, and Temporary Employment, and a special award for innovation for our virtual hiring event in Second Life, a virtual world online.


TMP won a total of 52 awards, leading the field in total awards won. TMP’s winnings included three grand prizes and 23 first place awards in categories including Print Promotions and Collateral, Non-Print Promotions, Online Media, College Communications, Global Communications, and Media Publishing, and special awards for Print Advertising (Magazines and Trade Publications) and Temporary Employment.

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