Do you have a sound strategy in place that is effectively reducing your overall vacancy and turnover? Or are you still reacting with print advertising, week after week, desperately trying to fill positions of employees exiting at critical levels?

You know the realities of healthcare labor shortages, the aging RN workforce, and the other challenges of healthcare recruiting. You’ve been bombarded by statistics, articles, seminars, blogs, and conferences. It can all feel a little overwhelming.

That’s where TMP Worldwide can help. We know healthcare, and we know it’s about much more then placing a few ads in the paper or online. It’s about not only sourcing the right candidates, but also keeping the ones that are a great fit. It’s about how workers at different levels influence the retention of others. It’s about having the right programs in place to address your unique sourcing and retention goals.

As experts in this market, we will design a solution that maximizes your ROI through the right mix of digital, social, and traditional media strategies and reduces your vacancy rates, turnover, and days-to-start. We design every comprehensive plan to speed up your hiring process, increase quality of candidates you see, reduce your cost-per-hire, and boost retention at all levels of your organization.

We work with all types of healthcare organizations, including Honor Roll Hospitals, adult care community hospitals, profit and not-for-profit organizations, long-term care facilities, teaching and research hospitals, and assisted living facilities. So you can trust that we’re experienced, innovative, and agile enough to meet your recruitment and retention needs.

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