They’re savvy, mobile, and socially connected. They’re more comfortable communicating via Twitter, Facebook, and text message than picking up the phone and placing a call. To engage them, you’ve got to reach them earlier than ever before.

Today’s students are masters at accessing information when, and however, they choose. They are less interested in receiving manufactured messages and more interested in the reality of the experience: what it’s really like to work there. Students also care deeply about the opinions of their peers and family, and they seek out these opinions via social media. Successful campus recruiting must not only respond to this behavior, but actively engage in the conversations as well.

Here at TMP Worldwide, we know that effective campus recruitment requires innovative thinking and an aggressive stance in deploying your communication tools. By socially engaging students and digitally deploying companies’ employment brands, we have been helping clients develop and implement effective strategies for more than 15 years. Because our experts engage with the youth market from high school and college to graduate school and beyond, we have a deep understanding of what drives and motivates this market.

We know how to use social and mobile media, interactive games and simulations, traditional collateral, and campus events to help our clients reach students and connect them to their employment brand. Our goal in all campus recruitment programs is to differentiate our clients from their competition and enable them to attract the best candidates with the best cultural fit.

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