Web Analytics

By reviewing actual server logs and analyzing the data, we can provide valuable information regarding website usage, behavioral patterns, most- and least-visited pages, and much more.

Web log data can be confusing and, at times, almost impossible to read. That’s why we use WebTrends to read and visualize the data. Depending on the format, we can determine:

  • The number of times each page is accessed, which pages are requested most often, and the number of page views
  • The websites users are coming from
  • The keywords being used on search engines in order to locate the site
  • The length of time users stay and the number of pages viewed per session
  • Much more

Armed with this information, we gain a clear picture of who your visitors are, how they behave, and what engages their attention. This information is invaluable when analyzing web traffic and/or benchmarking for future web work/traffic driving initiatives.

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