Search Engine Optimization is a strategic process by which a website is continually enhanced through strong keyword content, meta-tag development, link strategies, and site design recommendations that increase visibility to search engines. When an Internet user enters a search phrase on one of the search engines, it’s our job to make sure that our client’s website is listed where searchers can quickly and easily find it.

We offer many different levels of optimization, and while each individual offering has its own specific features and deliverables, all of them include:

  • Consultation with a TMP SEO analyst
  • Best practices in SEO strategy, design, and recommendations
  • Deliverables beyond simple technology submissions—our trained SEO analysts will work with you to gain better results
  • Proper use of SEO techniques (called “white hat” techniques), as opposed to “black hat” tactics that are designed to “trick” the search engines and could eventually lead to a site being banned

Why optimization? At the end of the day, it’s about achieving higher click-through rates and ensuring your site will be indexed. If you’ve invested in a really amazing site, make sure it gets the attention it deserves through our optimization strategies and recommendations.