The span of time between when candidates accept a job offer and when they actually start the job can be filled with anxiety and doubt. They might have concerns about their level of preparedness for their new role, or perhaps they’re worried about how long it will it take them to become productive and fully integrated into the organization. Whatever their anxieties might be, this can certainly be a precarious time for them.

To help alleviate these and other common challenges, we are currently developing a special onboarding portal for our clients to use. It will help you establish a relationship with new hires as soon as they’ve accepted your offer, thereby helping to allay their fears and minimize their chances of disengaging or declining the offer prior to their start date.

Additionally, our onboarding portal provides an insider’s preview of your company’s environment and culture, as well as the opportunity for new hires to interact with their new peers and their manager, all of which can help dispel the uneasiness that can accompany beginning a new job.

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