Employer Brand Management

As experts in brand and the digital space, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through the overwhelming task of articulating, optimizing, activating, and sending your employment message out into the world. You’ll find that our approach to brand research and management is comprehensive, streamlined, and smart.

First, we get to know you and your company, your aspirations, perceptions, realities, and market drivers. Next, we deliver your custom blueprint—your Employee Value Proposition—plus brand positioning, creative communications, and strategies to help mobilize candidates and your employees. Then, we engage your target audience through the digital/social environment and employee communications. Finally, we engage in ongoing measurement using our proprietary products to provide sophisticated tools to ensure our strategy is working.

The real advantage here lies in our expert brand consultants, whose depth of experience is unmatched in the industry. They seamlessly integrate employer brand development, digital application, improvement of the actual employment experience, and employee communications into a strategic whole that makes sense and delivers measurable results.

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