Employee Value Proposition

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a succinct expression of all the benefits your employees receive from working at your company. Quite simply, it’s a crystallization of what it’s like to work there and what your employees get out of it. Your EVP should provide a framework for how to overhaul, enhance, or evolve the employment experience, and by extension, your recruitment message. Some organizations make the mistake of defining their EVP in terms of who they would like to be as an employer, not who they actually are. That’s where we come in.

We begin with Brand Research and Strategy (see Employer Brand Management). We interview you, your employees, and individuals who are interested in working with your organization. The information we gather will help you uncover, disseminate, articulate, and communicate your identity to your candidates. This important research yields the foundation upon which we’ll help you build your entire recruiting program.

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